Friday, May 10, 2013

Looking for new commentators to your blog posts?

A true blogger loves to see comments on his blog posts. I find it exciting to read the familiar notification in red color in by blogger dashboard that reads, "A comment is awaiting for moderation".  I dro any other work and go about moderating the comment in queue.

I first visit the commentator's profile, read his linked website. See, his comment even before getting approved brought a unique visitor to his website/blog.

If I find the link is relevant to my blog's niche, then, I invariably approve the comment even if the comment indicates it is not a genuine comment and made just to get a backlink.

If you wear my shoes, then, visit the following linkedin group, read the terms, join and get active boss! Enjoy your role as a commentator as well as a comment moderator.
Here is the link to join the comment group.

Here is the requirement posted by the creator of the linkedin group.
"Well members post two links to articles they want comments on and all members who have a similar niche comment on your article in exchange for you commenting on theirs."

If you find worthwhile to have joined the group, please share this blog post. I love when my blog post is mentioned by you.

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