Saturday, May 04, 2013

Australia’s biggest giveaway resource.

One of the best (rather I would say the best) ways to increase blog traffic is to announce a free giveaway or an online sweepstake. I never tried it because I have nothing to giveaway.  However, if you do your research in the Internet, you would find several blog entries on how to stage a successful giveaway.

While most of the giveaways are just totally free without any question, many free stuff giveaway promotions involve entering into free online competitions with big giveaway prices that include iPads, money, fuel and discount coupons.

This may surprise you but there are literally thousands of people who constantly scour the Internet to find online competitions that offer monetary benefits as well as free products and discount offers in leading shopping malls.

I once met an interesting character during a flight from Perth. She was a young mother who proudly showed me several baby goods such as milk feeders and huggies that she won in online competitions. 

Our hour long conversation was very informative. She talked of an Australian web site located at, a Federal, State and Territory law complying website that has already distributed prizes worth several thousand dollars!  

When I told her of my experience as an Internet journalist, she encouraged me to announce giveaways on my blog to increase visitors. Another important point I learnt from her was, it is not sufficient to place a giveaway or a competition announcement on my blog. I have to list my online competition campaign in several places in the Internet.

At the end of our lively chat, I thought I was ready to write an e-book on how to earn money online by winning online competitions.

BTW, do you know of any such guide to win online giveaways?
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