Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A gift from the land of Alec Bradley.

I did not expect my husband to politely refuse an alec bradley cigar, the famous Nicaraguan cigar. He has talked about the heady fragrance (?) of Alec Bradley cigars and I thought he would accept the gift from the Nicaraguan blogger friend of mine.

He was on a two day trip to Madras and I agreed to host him. As a courtesy, he presented a box of Alec Bradley Tempus when he took leave. My husband told him he has no more fire for cigars. That must have prompted the guest to present my husband a lovely looking Alec Bradley cigar lighter (see below).

Alec Bradley lighter

 Isn’t it attractive?

It is said to be a wind resistant lighter. I wonder how a flame can resist wind; don’t they get bigger with the wind? 

Nevertheless, my husband accepted it and in return gave the Nicaraguan, a box of Indian sweets.
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