Sunday, April 28, 2013

7 benefits of publishing interviews of other bloggers.

Many bloggers who are considered as expert bloggers used to talk about interviewing famous bloggers and publishing it in your blog to instantly increase readership.

The idea appealed to me but never attempted it my blog. 

Recently, one of my blogger friends, Nirmala Santhakumar took courage and implemented the strategy in her blog My Magic Fundas under a tab called, “Expert tips

I read her first interview with Atish Ranjan and noticed that the blog post received 28 comments thus far. Reading the comments, I thought the whole idea of publishing interviews of other bloggers is a brilliant idea to get backlinks and increase readership.

Here is how an interview blog post increase blog traffic
1.    The bloggers whose Interview was published would get a relevant backlink.
2.    His profile would be clicked on by the blog readers of the host blog. Such organic visits would improve Alexa ranking as well as search engine rankings
3.    The interviewee would certainly send the blog post link to all of his friends and online contacts. They would in turn visit the host blog and those who commented on the interview post.
4.    He might even share in top social media.
5.    Nirmala’s enthusiasm by replying to every comment would get the attention of guest bloggers and would come forward to offer their guest blog posts. Nirmala would start getting free blog content.
6.   Naturally, the entire blog post would be read along with comments-right? As the visitors to the interview blog post increase, search engines would notice the very low bounce rate and move up the blog post in its search results.
7.   This would certainly result in getting the attention of blog marketing companies and thus increase the chances receiving high paid sponsored posts.

Are you beginning to get the blog traffic potential of the whole idea?

I am sure several other bloggers would follow the footsteps of Nirmala.
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