Monday, June 17, 2013

50 do follow blogs with pagerank.

There may have been several algorithm updates from Goggle named after Penguin and Panda.
Webmasters and bloggers might have changed their link building and traffic generation strategies in accordance with such updates.

In spite of that, there is one internet marketing strategy that has not changed. It is commenting on blogs of similar niche. The IM community firmly believes that traffic from comments and reviews are 100% targetted. I too follow the crowd.

This segment of increasing blog visitors would stay though it may not add to your backlinks because of changes in search engines' workings. I foresee some reversals in acknowledging these genuine backlinks by the search engines. Once that happens, bloggers would realise the importance of leaving comments on blog posts that are approved by the blog authors.

Of course, blogs that have removed the default 'no follow' attributes can only pass on the benefits of links left on them. These 'do follow' blogs are great resources for bloggers.

Sometime back, I stumbled on to an excellent list of 50 do follow blogs with their page ranks. I request you to make use of them. The list was compiled by, and I shared it in listly.

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