Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Promote Your Blog Using Twitter?

Ah, yes here is one more advise (rather unsolicited) addressing my fellow bloggers on how to use the Twitter to earn more visitors and thereby more money.

Have you ever noticed that in spite of having read a mini,u, of at least 10 articles on how to use Twitter, we continue to get attracted to the topic. We eagerly read further expecting wee might learn something new in Twitter marketing.

Therefore, here it goes.
Learning how to promote your blog using Twitter can help you to not only increase the traffic to your  blog but also to help you increase your chances of your content going viral. Twitter is one of the top social media sites on the net and there are literally millions of people sending and checking tweets everyday.

Because the character limit is only 140 characters in length, you have to be creative in your tweets.   One of the most important things to remember is to always tweet about what is going on at your blog. This will show your audience that you are adding value with your tweets and not trying to sell stuff on twitter.

Another key to getting traffic to your blog using Twitter is to create curiosity tweets.  These should be short little tweets that say something like “looking for ways to do this or that ? Learn more at”.

With these key points in mind let’s look at some addition things that can be done to drive traffic to your blog using Twitter. These are some basic steps on how to promote your blog that you can follow :
1.) Sign up for an account on Twitter and include your blog url in your profile description.
2.) Search for groups in your niche and join those groups.
3.) Add the twitter plug-in to your blog.  This can be done with a wordpress plug-in or plug-in.
4.) Ask readers to retweet your post for you.
5.) Create a fun loving contest, if you have the resources available.  

By incorporating as many of the above methods as possible for your blog, you will see a good increase in traffic to your blog as a result of learning how to promote your blog using Twitter.

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