Saturday, June 08, 2013

Which is the Internet’s biggest list portal?

Let hundred more social media come online; they still cannot beat the real value of mailing lists. Go and tell this to a just born blogger and he will laugh at you. However, a seasoned internet marketer who has been in the scene much before the advent of web 2.0 properties knows that telemarketing leads are just pure gold when it comes to website propagation.It is no wonder hundreds of U.S. businesses including many Fortune 5000 companies solely depend on mailing list companies for their online marketing.

No other internet marketing methods can match the conventional email marketing when it comes to conversion ratio. Before you think of buying a list of leads from any mailing list companies, ask around, do your online research and you will find that email marketing gives the best ROI in the World Wide Web.

It is cheap, gets the attention of the opt-in leads and the website is always assured of 100% targeted visitors. That is why telemarketing gives the best sales conversions.

Every lead collected from attractive squeeze pages and video squeeze pages is 100% deliverable. However, one needs to buy telemarketing lists from highly reputed list giants who classify their leads inventory under deliverable industries that include home, real estate, finance and banking.

I too once bought a list of leads who are interested in earning money online for my first home business launched in 2003. That experience was very valuable.
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