Monday, July 22, 2013

Affordable corporate gift printing services.

Fortunately, I found one of the best t-shirt printing sites only yesterday and that completed my list of 50 resources for corporate gifts. Just for fun, I started curating corporate promotional ideas first before branching out to curating allied services for business promotion that include:
·         Corporate gift ideas
·         Custom logo printing
·         Various merchandizes on which company brands are printed
·         Fastest printers

Actually, for my own math academy, I buy large home work notebooks for my students and hire a printer to print my official logo on them along with the address of my math coaching center.

When I wanted to do something different after 5 years of getting notebooks, I looked for inspiring ideas and that led me to have fun by compiling my wonderful resources for business promotional ideas.

Certainly, getting the company logo and contact details printed on t-shirts, backpacks and umbrellas was exciting because of the availability of varied options and ability to design my own logo online.

If I turn around with a higher profit this academic year, I am thinking of buying backpacks and getting them printed with my revised logo.
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