Thursday, July 25, 2013

What to do after publishing a blog post-part 1.

Even I am surprised with my own knowledge of blogging after 8 years of intense blogging for fun and money. My only big mistake is I have started too many blogs in this period that I could not experiment the various blog promotion methods that I have come across though I must admit nearly all of my blogs are now churning out money.

I know my blog writing has improved considerably though I won't say I am one of the best blog writers. Certainly, I have read blogs that were just too good and command candid appreciation and linking back.

Since the big changes in indexing brought in by the big boss Google, blog promotion strategies too have changed accordingly. I am sure if Google thinks it is smart, internet marketers are smarter in finding ways to push up their websites and blogs in the SERPs.

After exploring several avenues of blog promotion, I have compiled a list of blog promotion steps to implement as soon as a blog post is published. If I write about all of them in one blog post, it would run into several pages and no one would have patience to read. Hence, I have decided to blog about them in a series of blog posts and this is the first part.

Using Just Retweet.
As many of you know, getting more social signals is one of the ways to make your blog post a heavy weight. Just ReTweet would help you gain several Tweeters to retweet your Twitter messages.

1. Immediately after you publish your blog post, compose an aptly worded twitter message and post it on your Twitter timeline.

2. Go to Just Retweet sign up with your Twitter account. You will get 100 free credits.

3. Use this credit to make other members to retweet your twitter message.

4. In addition, when submitting retweet, you can also get your twitter message posted on other members' Facebook wall and shared in their Google +.

5. After exhausting your free credit, you can earn more credits by choosing to follow Twitter profiles, retweeting, etc. 

6. If you are promoting some big business through blogs and the stakes are high, you can think of buying credits for money and use it to get more social signals as mentioned above.

See below a screenshot of my promotion of my Twitter message. This would give you an idea of how it works.

How to verify the results?
Click on 'Activity summary' on your Just Retweet dashboard and see who retweeted, plus oned your message etc,
Sample screenshot below:

Now, go to your Twitter account, click on '@connect', click on 'Mentions' to see the retweeted messages.

 See below what I mean:

Follow other members of Just Retweet to earn more credits. Click on 'Twitter Followers' on your dashboard to see the image below:

On your dashboard, you will see this in bold:
"Retweet or Like To Earn More Credits."

When you are doing this, you would read most of the tweets of others which would give you an idea of what and how to compose a twitter message.

I hope you would try these methods out. If you like what you read here, please take a few seconds and share it with your social circles.

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