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What to do after publishing a blog post-part 2-Online Influencers

Now let me show the results after my previous post titled, "What to do after publishing...."

Please wait a few more moments before I show the results. BTW, have you heard about online influencers and their impact on your social media score?

I quote from
"If you can develop a relationship with an online influencer in your niche who has access to an engaged audience, that influencer could help get your blog content in front of larger audiences than ever. More eyes on your content means more blog traffic and blog growth."

Let me explain. We are frenetically promote our blog post URLs in different social media sites that include Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest and Linkedin. While we are happy with our genuine social media marketing efforts, we don't bother to measure the results of our sincere efforts. Unless, we know where we stand in social media, we would be blindly marketing.

So, how do you measure your social signals?
There are a few web sites that measure your social strength. They monitor how many big and small internet marketers mention you in their social sites. These mentions are called influences. Tweets about your website or blog, retweets of your tweets, the Facebook wall postings of your blog post URLs, Linkedin shares and Google +s are monitored by some sites and award a score.

An example of such a site is Klout. There are couple of more similar sites but let us focus on this one for now..For a quick view of what a Klout is, I have given above my Klout profile page.

As written in my previous blog post cited at the beginning of this blog post, I have used Just Retweet and the results are shown below as screen captures.

The first image blow shows two emails I received from Klout intimating me that my Klout score went up.

The second image below shows what is the content of the email.
The third image shows my exact Klout score. Please read the image carefully, especially the area of arrow marks.
The markings show the mentions of tweets by the so called influencers.

The fourth image below shows the actual proof taken from my Just Retweet activity summary. See how you can increase your Klout score by using Just Retweet! It gives amazing results instantly.

Finally, I have given below the full page of my Klout Dashboard. If it opens alright, you will understand the full features of Klout.

Now, a little bit into how Klout works.

Klout mainly focuses on Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn activities and content to determine a your individual Klout score. It is very interesting to know about the influence and reach of everyone in your network who happen to shares your content. 

I read that even Klout too is misused by users but Klout's scoring algorithm has been tweaked in an attempt to keep people from artificially inflating their Klout scores. It is advised to use Klout scores as a guide, not as fact. 

Sometime later, I would blog about other social signals measuring tools. I am sure it would be exciting to know how you fare in your social media exams.
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