Saturday, July 06, 2013

Using Linkedin professionally.

I stumbled on to an unique way to earn money online without investing money. It is about offering your services as a Linkedin marketing expert. That propelled me to test my knowledge of using linkedin to the optimum.

During the self evaluation process, I found out I did not use the full features of Linkedin thus far. I never explored all the useful facilities to create brand awareness. I spent nearly two hours exploring every tab and button in Linkedin, searched and read several linkedin tutorials, watched a few tubes and finally relaxed though my mind was loaded with mind boggling information.

I decided I could develop my own Linkedin tutorial with the info I collected and the knowledge I gained. If you really can concentrate on using Linkedin, you better upgrade to a pro version and I am sure you will see increased visitors and better sales.

When I searched for ebooks on Linkedin tutorials, I found out only one.  I think I have found out a non-competitive internet business niche.

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