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What to do after you publish a blog post-part 5-social voting

For those of you who have landed here either through my deal friend Google or though social media signals, you might want to catch up with what has been going on prior to this post regarding the subject matter. I have listed all of my earlier posts at the end of this article.

Social voting sites: You as a social news reporter.

What? Haven't you heard of them before? They are also known as social bookmarking sites where the links one shares is either voted up or down by others. Some sites call the action of voting down as 'bury this story'.

In addition, these social voting sites are also called social news, the most popular being ''. Ah yes, it has a 'vote down' facility. 

While there are more than hundred such social voting sites, I am going to talk about a handful of them only that I think are worthy of your time and effort. Before I list them out, I want to speak about their benefits for bloggers, the Dos and Don'ts etc.

Benefits of posting your blog post's permalink in social voting sites:
1. Attract targeted visitors
2. Possibility of getting your link shared in blogs, forums, social media sites and even in webinars
3. Might attract comments which might lead to a prolonged discussion
4. Your link might get curated along with the content
5. Some sites are 'Do Follow'

 The DOs and DON'Ts in social voting sites:

1. Come up with a catchy headline which alone gets clicked
2. Read news posted by others and take time off to share, vote, comment as the facilities are offered.
3. Curate whatever you think is good in your blog
4. Don't ever SPAM by which I mean not to post blog post links that are irrelevant to the site's niche.
5. Don't post your link and exit in a rush. Spend at least 5 minutes to browse through others' posts.

These social bookmarking sites come and go. I have witnessed the death of some extremely good sites such as Earners Club (  for blogging, money making online, internet marketing and freelancing.) Therefore, do not put all your eggs in a single basket. I think it a very appropriate proverb to put it here.

Submitting your blog posts' links is a simple process of filling up 4 or 5 fields in a web form. If you use the bookmarklet tool given by the site, the work is further reduced.

Now, to the list of social voting sites that bloggers should make use of:

Blokube is a social voting site dedicated to professionals in Blogging, Marketing, SEO, SEM, web development etc. You can submit links to your blog posts related to bloggers. Blogging, Marketing, SEO, SEM, Make money online, Business news, Web Development and web design.

You can start submitting on one condition; You must view and vote for at least 5 stories before you submit your blog post. This is 'do follow' site.

2. Biz Sugar

This is a social bookmarking site for small business owners, Business news, strategies, tips and trends. Yes, this site is prone to SPAM attack as users fail to notice the site's niche and submit links to all sorts of sites. In fact, I too failed to notice the site's niche when I joined.

3. Spicy Page

It is one of my favorites and in fact the joined social voting site. It is a very good place to get targeted traffic to your blogs. It lets you  post, comment on, vote on, share your favorite sites or blogs and blog posts with your friends and others like you.

4. Do Splash

DoSplash – this is a place where you can share your blog posts on topics mentioned in the site.
  Jane Sheeba, a famous blogger from India owns the site and she says the community is created so that like-minded folks can hang out, promote each other’s stuff and create a healthy community.

5. Stumble Upon does not require any introduction. It has lasted long enough to be the favorite of millions of Internet marketers. It also offers a 'unlike' facility.

6. Blog Engage

This has been around for a long time. Owned by Brian who can be spotted in most of the web 2.0 properties, it has got some loyal supporters.  It is no longer a free joining site.

7. Zoom It

This is only for Canadian related social news sites. Other nationals!Please stay away and don't SPAM.

I would certainly add Digg, Reddit and Delicious to the above list but your submissions are most likely to get buried among thousands of submission. It is not a place for newbie bloggers and Internet marketers.

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