Monday, August 26, 2013

The most intricately carved Djembe depicts Ramayan characters!

For the entire 10 plus minutes, I was glued to the YouTube video clip that showed the making of a ‘Djembe’ in an African village. Well, it was not the meinl rama sita deluxe djembe at guitar centerbut rather a primitive one without any carvings on the body of the “Djembe’. The former Djembe shown below is intricately engraved with the characters from the Hindu epic Ramayan. I could not understand how the African natives learnt about Ramayan and what the relation between Ramayan and an African drum is!

meinl rama sita deluxe djembe

From time immemorial, African percussion music instruments captured the fascination of millions of musicians. The hundreds of variations of drums today must have been inspired by the African drums such as dunun, Djembe etc.

Oh yes, coming back to the making of Djembe, it was made of really solid mahogany wood.
The way the maker carried it with his hands indicated its heaviness. I enjoyed the way it was tuned.

Do you know that the Djembes are quickly sold out as soon as they reach the online music stores?
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