Saturday, August 31, 2013

What to do after publishing a blog post-part 6-Join Better Blogger Network.

 If your focus is on something very seriously, you are likely to find them; cosmic forces work that way. I found out a superb bloggers network as I wanted to continue writing blog posts titled, “What to do after publishing a blog post”. Thus far, I have written 5 parts and this is the sixth part. Scroll down where I have given links to my previous posts in this series.
In this blog post, I am featuring a network for bloggers called Better Blogger Network (BBN). Hosted in Ning, it is actively participated by hundreds of bloggers (yes, not thousands) who blog on different niches.
What is the purpose of BBN:
I quote them:
The Better Blogger Network is an online community dedicated to providing a safe, judgment-free place for bloggers to find the help, resources, and fresh ideas they need to reach their goals.”          
What you can do in BBN?
·         Join existing niche groups similar to Linkedin and Facebook groups
·         Create your own group(s)
·         Mention everything you wanted to show off in your profile.

I have given my profile like this:

There are lots of groups that might interest varied blogger. Some groups have a fair number of members while some show only single digit number of members.
If you find a group to your liking, you have to apply to join and wait for approval. I first applied for a ‘Beauty’ bloggers group and waited nearly a week to get approval.
Here are some of the groups that are popular:
·         Fashion and Style                         130 members
·         New bloggers                                439            
·         Coffee loving                                 62              
There are some poorly patronized but rare groups that include “Klout” group, Google plus, Linkedin and Facebook ‘likes’ exchange etc. Once inside a group, you can create or join a discussion on a relevant topic, make a wall post, add a any member as your friend, send a message to him and so on. Wonderful opportunity to create a long standing network.

You can also give your blog’s RSS feed URL to the group. Below is the screenshot of my RSS feed published by BBN.

There is a forum, a welcome page for any niche community or network. Forum is a true place to share and learn. You can introduce yourself, share your latest blog posts, offer to write sponsored blog posts Ad Swaps, Banner swaps,  and more. Lively place.

The more you participate in Better Blogger Network (BBN) and the more you spread about it in the Internet, the better for you. It applied to every member.

I love to be a member of BBN. Do you?

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