Thursday, September 05, 2013

Can weight loss blog make money?

"I would k\like to start a blog on the ups and downs in life, what do you say"-asked a newbie blogger yesterday. He saw the ad on my car's rear window and called me. I asked what is going to be the purpose of staring a blog. He replied that he wants to make money.

I told him that the niche he selected is not worth a cent. Who wants to read the ups and downs of a life which they are already experiencing? What is there to advertise along with such a content?

Majority of the bloggers who are launching their blog have no clue at all about how one can make money by blogging. They are under assumption that a blog is a blog and if you are making money from your blog, so can anyone!

What a wrong idea!.

After about an hour or so, he called again to ask me if he can blog about weight loss. I thought he did some research or he dug up the 'trash' bin in his email to re-read what he sent there once as garbage.

Weight loss information in the Internet is super saturated. There are just too many blogs and websites on weight loss causes and treatments. He was not satisfied with my reply and hung up on me rather rudely.
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