Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3 proven ways to pull big money by blogging.

In this blog post, I will outline 3 proven methods to make bigger money by blogging. This is from my experience and there are bound to be differences of opinion. I have the decency to allow others to differ from me.

Ok, here I go. The following methods apply only to those who have their self hosted wordpress blogs and they show low numbers in Alexa and high numbers in Google PR and Klout score.

1.       Writing Product Reviews

It is a known fact product manufacturers and dealers would approach a blog on a relevant topic and ask the blog authors to write about their product on their blog for money. The amount offered is based on the above said ranking metrics. I don’t know what the highest paid amount per blog post is but I received once $100 per blog post.

2.       Selling info products
Guide for infopreneurs

This falls under affiliate marketing and sometimes it pays better than the ‘writing product review’ method. Since the rate of commission can be up to 75% of the sale price of the product, even if you make one sale a month, you would be happy with your efforts. Seriously think of becoming an infopreneur now!

3.       Placing ads on your blog
I am not speaking about any PPC ads like Google adsense which is not a remunerative way to earn money by blogging. There are hundreds of text and banner ad brokers in the Internet. Submit your blog to them and they will offer you a decent proposal. This method is the laziest way to make money by blogging as it involves a few seconds work only.

If you know of another way to earn bigger money by blogging, please say so in the comment box.
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