Friday, September 27, 2013

What to do after publishing a blog post-part 7-new social voting site.

Well,, a very active social voting site may not be new to all the bloggers but new to me as I came to know about it only a few hours ago. 

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What Exactly Is

In their own words, is a MEGA 4-in-1 Internet Marketing social site. By 4-in-1, it is:

1. An IM News/Content site
2. An IM Social Networking site
3. An IM Social Bookmarking site
4. An IM Product/Service/Software site

I liked the way the site was developed. The home page is split into several categories under which users have shared their content making it very easy for everyone to read and share the content. Very efficiently curated!

What content can you share?
Users can share and "King" or “Unking” (vote up or down)the best Internet marketing content, products and services they find useful.

For example, one can share their favorite web pages in the following Main Sections of
Mobile Marketing
Internet Marketing
Making Money Online
Affiliate Marketing

Another unique feature is content curated from several sites and blogs and arranged conveniently as follows:
Top IM Blogs
Top IM Forums
Top IM Marketplaces
Top IM Paid Tools
Top IM Free Tools
Top IM resources

Networking with users: also allows us to network with other members by way of adding them as your friends and if you decide, you can also ‘follow’ anyone’s activities in the site.  This is making as a social network for Internet Marketers and Bloggers. As of now, you can develop relationship with approximately 3700 members.

Content Sharing in Social media     
Under every link social bookmarked, you can find a ‘share’ button which when clicked on, enables you to share the content on leading social media sites that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Google+. However, it is advised to rewrite the snippet before finally submitting on these social networking sites as the automatically generated snippet lacks quality.

For example, this is what is given for me to tweet when I wanted to share a social bookmark that read, “InternationalCopywriting: What Can Go Wrong?

Twitter message automatically generated:
That is all you would see. This applies to all the social network sharing options.

Reward for social sharing
To encourage users to post what they liked on the leading social networking sites, some points are given each time you share in Facebook, Twitter and so on. For example, once you posted it on your FB wall, you will see a ‘verify’ button. You must click on it to get the points though I am yet to explore the exact number of points awarded and how to use the points.

In fact, you are rewarded for most of your activities (see below) carried out in
* viewing posts,
* sharing posts
* "kingging" or "unkingging" posts.
* using their IM search engine, powered by Google
* using their free IM tools, etc.

The site is loading slowly. There is no ‘about’ page. There is no ‘home’ page navigation button. Some bugs are noticed. But the site says it is still in beta and requests us to forgive the shortcomings and report the bugs.

There is a button for forum but it is not yet functional.

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Metz Miranda said...

Great post, Rangan. This post of yours is like a summary of Yes, you are exact that there are little bugs here that you cannot easily noticed on the first use. Like you, I am also a newbie and to be straightforward, I like this Internet marketing social site. Because I've learned a lot in here. The topics are segregated as it should be and we have the privilege to use the "king" and "unking" button to make your choice what post do you think helpful and relevant.
Welcome to! I look forward that you will enjoy reading different post everyday and please do not hesitate to leave your statement.
Thank you for this wonderful post and for introducing to them. I also cherished your effort in making this, and you have a good observation huh! :)
Anyway, like you, the points that were given in every activity we do is also intriguing me.

I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking and networking site, and I "kingged" it and left this comment.