Monday, September 30, 2013

The accessories of a kayak seat for the captain.

My son was 8 years old when he asked me how my father would fit into a kayak seat and will the kayak would sink when boards a kayak. His concern for his big (poor expression) grandfather was genuine. I suppose seeing the small boat with a miniature sized seat would have provoked him to think aloud.

While there are a wide range of kayaks, naturally, there should be an equal number of kayak seats but I was really surprised to see quite a more number of options in kayak gears that included kayak seats, kayak deluxe seats, yakpacks, paddles and many more when I stumbled onto an exclusive website for all things related to kayaking.

Until I saw an image of a man standing on a kayak and paddling it up, I had known kayak is moved in that way too. I thought he was standing rather precariously. Don’t you think so?

Here is the kayak captain's chair. 

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