Friday, October 04, 2013

The importance of Reciprocal Links for Bloggers.

Wait! Don’t brush this away as something that has now become obsolete since the changes in Google’s indexing algorithms. If Google considers that link building is a total waste of time for bloggers, then, they would have removed the ‘blog roll’ widget (page element) in their blogger platform. I firmly believe that Google has to depend on some sort of back linking to index their SERP Links.

While there are distinct changes in the way bloggers need to build links, the very strategy cannot be ignore.
I wish to share through this blog post information and tips on HOW TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO WEBSITE WITH LINKS.

I admit that I have read how we the bloggers are affected by the Humming Bird update. Keeping that in mind I proceeded to compose this blog post. Since keywords have been so much abused by majority of the bloggers,  so much so that the Humming Bird update has come into effect. It essentially implies that Google would examine all the words in a search query put in by a user instead of choosing the keywords alone as the practice had been thus far.

When I first read that when another blog that is in the same niche as mine is way up in the search engine results than mine, I should try to goad that blogger to link to my blog, I thought there must be some mistake in the information. That was years before.

Now, I clearly understand the importance getting high ranked competitors’ blog to link back to me. To put it simply, if a high ranked police officer publicly praises a constable who is much below his rank, the constable is considered to be better than his colleagues. This action of the police officer would not make him lose his importance.

Therefore, if other blogs in your same niche have higher ranking than you, linking to them can often give you a higher relevancy score with the search engines and the subsequent increase in traffic will make it worth your while.

Reciprocal Links 
Reciprocal linking means forming partnerships with other sites who place a link from their web pages to yours. You give them a similar link in return.

How to approach your competitors’?
Before you contact bloggers for a link back, place a link to their site on your home page or resource page to assure them that you will actually serious in your approach. When you send your email, create a subject line that will encourage them to read your message rather than deleting it. You don't want them to think you're message is Spam. You can say something about their site or product or service which would capture their attention. 

Begin your message by talking about your visit to their site and what you found interesting about it. Detail your product or service in one line and ask them to exchange links with you.

Tell them in detail where you have placed their link and emphasize that it is only one click away from your homepage. Tell them that if you don't hear back from them within 2 weeks, you will consider that to be a negative response and that you will remove their link from your site.

Please bear it in mind that if your blog’s home page or resource page is full of links out weighing the content, it will repel both the human eyes and search engines’ bots.

Picking Your Partner
Your link partners should be sites your target market will visit. Think about your product and its subject area and brainstorm to determine where people interested in your product might be looking online. For example, if you're trying to sell a book about blackjack strategy, it makes sense that the people visiting online casinos would make great customers. Online casinos then could be good partners.

Identify top-ranked, high quality casino sites and find the email address of their webmasters. You can also identify your competitors, see where they trade links and then follow suit.
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