Monday, October 07, 2013

Free Facebook share, G+, Pinterest repins, twitter follow.

Relentless activity is going in the world of web to meet the frequent changes in Google’s indexing algorithms. No sooner than we modify our internet marketing strategy as per Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, we face with ‘Humming bird’ update.

Though the latest change in indexing strategies do not warrant any big reaction or changes from us bloggers and webmasters, we are kept on tenterhooks by the big boss Google. As soon as an update is announced, we go berserk. We hop between all the blogs dealing with search engine related news, trying to find a verdict by majority of the authors and we take steps to implement the suggestions.

What I have gathered so far is, the veterans in digital marketing world don’t foresee any big change in the importance of getting strong social signals. This means we must ensure that more and more people from diverse fields should ‘like, share, follow and retweet’ our digital foot prints.

We should aim to get:
1.     Facebook wall post likes
2.    Facebook wall post shares
3.    Facebook fan page likes
4.    Facebook followers and friends
5.    Google +, post shares
6.    Pinterest followers and ‘likes and repins’ of our pinterest pins.
7.    People to follow our Linkedin posts, ask questions or comment on our Linkedin posts
8.    Twitter followers, retweets of our tweets
9.    More followers for Bloglovin profiles, ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ for our bloglovin feeds
10. Instagram ‘likes’ and ‘followers’

These actions sound easy but require plenty of effort to get people engage in our social networking activities. There are micro job sites where you can see people selling these services for money. It is not advisable to pursue that strategy for getting social signals for obvious reasons.

Bloggers Social Platform  (BSP)

I recently came to know of a Facebook group dedicated to get free social signals. The group is called Bloggers Social Platform (BSP), a free to join group. It comprises of about 130+ members as of now.

How it works?
There is a social sharing schedule. It is given below. As per the timetable, you will a see new ‘tag’ every day the following steps to take for the group members.

Timetable or Tagging schedule

Today is Monday 7th October 2013

If you are unable to participate fully we kindly ask you not to leave your link!

1) Leave the link to your Blog's BLOGLOVIN PROFILE. Please no chatting.

2) Visit the other member's Blog's BLOGLOVIN PROFILE.

And Like or Share one of their posts.

4) Then come back here & hit LIKE on the blogger's link ONLY if you have completed no. 3) above!
Please keep in mind that it’s not fair for someone to take their time to visit, repin and comment on your images and not see the favor returned!

5) This TAG SESSION will be open for 24 hours from the time it is posted.
Once the time is up the moderator will leave a comment saying TAG CLOSED, which means you cannot leave your link anymore.

6) When you have finished leaving comments and sharing the love, please leave a comment after the TAG CLOSED comment saying "done all"

Even after the tag is closed you can catch up on commenting until you have commented on all the participants’ links

Ah, so clear instruction without any ambiguity-right?

Join BSP by visiting the link below.
As mentioned above, BSP has 130+ members as of now. Like any Facebook group, not all members are active participants here. In addition, the present members are blogging about beauty and makeup by majority. I think majority of the group members are from India.

We need more members to join BSP and that too from different niches from all parts of the world. I invite to join the group and participate for two or three days of action. If you like it, I request you to invite your friends.

In addition, comeback to this blog post and share the link with your social media sites. We all can stand to gain by joining in BSP and by spreading the word.

We get 100% genuine social signals.
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