Sunday, December 01, 2013

8 reasons why you need a blog to earn money online?

You need to have some tool to do business in internet. It is applicable for all kinds on business that include selling digital information, selling physical products, selling services –the three major internet businesses.   

The most commonly used tool is website in the traditional way that requires technical skill. The other option for non techies is Blog. If I can create a blog like this free of cost, you too can.
1.     By using a blog, you can keep writing about your online business several times by rewriting and giving a link to the actual product in all of your blog content.
2.    Because of this frequent fresh content, you blog attracts search engines bots that are forever hungry for new information.
3.    Similarly, when you share snippets of your blog post in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can fill them up on a regular basis which alone can invite new looks and ‘likes’.
4.    Images posted on your blog posts are easy to share in image oriented social media sites like Pinterest.
5.    If you happen to promote several products/services, then, there is nothing more ideal than blog as the shouting platform.
6.    By linking back to your old blog post as often as you please, you can keep a reader for a longer time on your site. Blogs make it easy to link to any website or social profiles.
7.    Without anyone’s technical help, you can modify your blog any number of times without spending money.
8.    The interactive facility that blogging platform offers, would get you closer to your prospective customers.

If you feel there are more points to add, please free to suggest them in the commenting field.

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