Sunday, December 15, 2013

Are you still doing keyword research while composing blog post title?

If I ask you when was the last time you clicked on a blog post title found in your inbox or Facebook, or in a forum etc, would you be able to remember and tell me?

Assuming your answer is 'yes', would you remember the exact title that made you to click on it to read further? Ah, if you again say 'yes', then, that is what I am driving at in this blog post.

 If only we all can come with such titles that invite us to click on to read more, then, we never have to worry about the number of visitors to our blogs-right? It will go on increasing and in fact, a blog post you published today would continue to be shared in social media sites even after a year or more!

I am not boasting but look at this title of a blog post published by me. It was actually a guest blog post but I edited a bit which included the title.

If you know the last algorithm update by Google, it was believed that Google carefully reads all the words contained in the title while indexing. Therefore, if you compose a title putting yourself in the shoes of others, you are more likely to come up with something that has high search volume. You would get it even without doing a keyword research.

As a blogger, you have been maintaining a certain writing style. If you think it connects directly with the readers, never change it and vice-versa if not. The blog post title should evoke a positive response from the visitors. Don’t write banal articles in which ‘you’ are not present. The ‘I’ should address your prospective readers.

Do you know there are some titles on a particular topic that is used by several bloggers from varied backgrounds?  For example, “How Google Panda update affects bloggers” is a title that I read over and over though the content inside the title was varied.
Now look at this blog post title: “Are you still doing keyword research while composing blog post title?”

I could have written 3 important points to consider before writing the title of a blog post that you could have brushed aside thinking, “Oh I have read it before”.
Do you get the point? Try hard and come up with a title that you think would be unique.
Your blog post title is viewed by visitors of all kinds. Compose it in such a way that it attracts newbies as well as veterans. If your title throws a challenge even to Darren Rowse or Pete Cashmore, then, you have hit the success ribbon.

Don’t ever use a word in your blog that makes a reader to look it up in a dictionary. You are aiming for a Nobel Prize for English literature. Use simple words that we all understand.

The title of your blog post should make the reader think there is a solution inside your blog post for his query and thus compels him to click to read more.

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