Wednesday, December 11, 2013

8 practical tips for an affiliate marketer.

affiliate marketer
Affiliate Marketer.

The most dependable online income opportunity is 'affiliate marketing' and it also fetches the highest money. I have picked quite a bit of experience in affiliate marketing since 2006. There is no dearth of affiliate networks online but it is prudent to explore them to evaluate before monetizing your blog with the chosen products.

Here are some tips that I like to share with you.

1. Never promote a product, be it digital information or a physical one that does not match your blog's main subject. For example, do not promote a video guide to earn money from Amazon if your blog's theme is about acne remedies.

2. Do not join a series of affiliate networks just because they offer the products that match your blog's theme. Find out only trusted affiliate networks. My best choice is JV Zoo.

3. Choose products that are priced less than $100 especially if you have just started your blog. It is difficult to convince people to buy higher priced products when you are a stranger.

4. Look for products that offer at least 20% commission

5. Don't join any affiliate network that insists on a minimum payout condition. You should get paid your commission into your PayPal account as soon as the refund period expires even if the amount due to you is $1

6. Choose a vendor that offers plenty of promotional tools. If you are a newbie, you won't be comfortable writing your promotional emails, tweets and signatures. Get hold of some readymade tweets that are composed creatively.

7.  Periodically promote the same product but change the title and content to make it unique.

8. Join one or two highly participated forums where other members are willing to answer your questions. DP Forum is the best in the lot. I would not advise Warrior Forum. 

Do you know that there are no risks involved for an affiliate marketer? You pay nothing to join an affiliate network. Using your free blog as a platform, you can start your Internet Entrepreneurship. 

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