Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The lowest priced laser beam producing device.

The laser light shows have captivated all. We used to sit glued to our seats and enjoy the dancing color lights in absolute awe.  

Basic questions regarding laser shows:
* Do you know how those laser beams are projected on the wall or on a giant screen or even on air?
* What kind of electronic device is used to produce laser beams?
* Who operates the laser projector and how manages to produce different dancing patterns?

I got answers to all these questions when I came to know about adj micro galaxian, a laser beam producing device that comes with inbuilt 200 dancing patterns. This device can be programmed to show various lighting designs and is operated with a wireless remote control.

I have watched laser shows in open air theaters or on cricket grounds during inauguration of events. What I learnt today is such laser light shows are also used in private parties to entertain the attendees.

In addition, I was surprised to know that even I can afford to buy it for $100. Go and have a look at it by visiting the link above.
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