Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why people abandon their blogs?

I read several posts in Facebook from highly experienced bloggers that indicate their loss of interest in blogging because the money is drying out. They pin great hopes on revenue from AdSense without  really understanding 'how adsense works'.

If people start blogging mainly to earn money, they would quickly come to such mental status and abandon their blogs. On the other hand, if people start blogging just for the sake of sharing their interest, likes, dislikes, knowledge and experience, they never abandon their blogs and enjoy the small money that come in their way.

Without truly understanding how the advertisers place their ads with Google, bloggers look for money through AdSense. Bloggers should put their advertisers shoes and work accordingly to hope clicks on adwords.

Facebook ads, Fiverr and medias similar to such marketplaces have definitely eroded potential of Google advertisers to attract the targeted visitors. I would say the advertisers have woken up and are saving their hard earned money after realizing the 'not-so-healthy' practices of AdSense publishers.

I would stay away from big claimers of AdSense advocates and Adsense consultants who promise quick riches from AdSense.

I admit; their is money to be made through AdSense but so much as bloggers have earned 3 years before. Bloggers can still earn big money by blogging without totally depending on the revenue from AdSense.

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