Friday, March 21, 2014

How to delete Temporary Internet files from your system?

This short guide to remove temporary internet files is for Windows XP users. I am sure the majority of you still use Windows XP OS in spite of the presence of Windows 7 and 8 OS.

It is quite often to see your system slowing down which means sites in your browser take longer time to load than usual. It implies that it is time to do a bit of cleaning your PC with inbuilt computer cleaning tools that are easy to use.

The first task for you to do is delete all the temporary internet files that get stored on your PC as you surf the web. All of the files are stored in a folder that your PC no longer uses. It is safe to delete them in spite of a few warnings that you see while doing the actual cleaning.

Deleting these temporary files is a quick and easy task and it can save your disk space and keep your PC clean of digital dust.

How to delete the “Temporary Internet Files”?
  1. Click on Start button and then click on Run.
  2. In the dialog box you see on the next screen, type %Temp% and click OK.
  3. A folder full of files and folders will appear.
  4. Press CTRL plus A to select all the content of the “temp folder” and press the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard.
  5. Confirm your willingness to delete by clicking on the ‘YES’ button.
  6. Invariably, you will see a warning message that reads “there are hidden files…” Don’t be alarmed. Just say “OK
  7. During this process, almost at the end of it, you are likely to see another error message that would say, “Error Deleting File or Folder”. This means that the files mentioned may be in use currently. Just click ‘OK’. Now, close all the open programs and repeat the steps. Your system is now cleaned.
  8. Remember to ‘empty’ your ‘Recycle’ bin finally.

 Ah, you just did a great job as a "computer maid".

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