Friday, March 14, 2014

Which is the most stylish guitar?

Long before my son bought his first Gibson guitar, he picked a few Gibson fans in his college campus who then led him to an online club of Gibson fans. He read polls, poured through reviews, worked part time to save enough to buy his dream acoustic electric guitar.

He was smart enough to wait for notification of gibson j-45 for sale and thus saved substantial money to buy a portable amplifier also. I was really happy for him though he initially got me worried when he told me that even the lowest priced Gibson electric guitar would cost around $2000.

He was determined to lay his hands on a trendy and stylish guitar and I heartily appreciated his steely resolve. He fell for the look of it rather than its performance. On my part, I gave him money to buy a sleek case for his new guitar.

Yesterday, he left for a short holiday and took his guitar and amplifier. He glowed when he packed his music accessories.
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