Monday, March 10, 2014

How to choose a niche for your blog In 3 steps?

This blog post is meant for bloggers who are contemplating to start a blog in order to earn money with their blog. It is very essential to think long and hard to choose a niche for your blog before you learn the other nuances of problogging. If a proper niche is not chosen, it is very likely that you may abandon your blog even before you see any money from it.
I am sharing here the 3 quick and easy steps to select a profitable niche.

Step 1
 You might have probably read about this first condition which is about choosing a topic that you are interested and would retain the interest for long enough to have earned substantial amount. At the cost of annoying you, I reiterate this first step. You must ask yourself several questions before you decide on the niche.

Step 2
Let us admit a fact blatantly. We have decided to earn money by maintaining a blog and to meet the goal, we need not spend money but time to do hell of a lot of market and keyword research in order to know that there is a large enough buyers market with low competition, for it to be profitable for you. If doing keyword research is not your forte, outsource it from Fiverr. It will be cheaper and saves time.

Step 3
Whatever niche you have arrived at, be aware that there may be hundreds of others who may be sailing in the same boat. So, in order to stand apart, look for a way that you can be a unique and valuable contributor to this niche.  It is important that you identify what will set you and your blog apart from all of the other blogs currently online. 

I am sure, with these three simple steps, you will develop a long lasting blog.

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