Saturday, March 01, 2014

The headphones meant for medical transcriptionists.

If you ask me why I chose sennheiser hd280 headphones instead of more popular brands, I could cite several reasons the most important being its ergonomic design. It implies that the gadget in question is used by anyone safely and it is easy to use for all.

We have seen headphones with soft pads around the ears so that the headphones don’t cause any pain on the ears even when used for long hours. You know, medical transcriptionists are seen wearing headphones for 6 hours at a stretch. Ask them and they would vouch for sennheiser hd280 headphones.

 I bought it because I am music buff beyond your imagination. I sit in front of my PC for about 8 hours a day and I wear headphones all the time listening to songs. Another unique feature of sennheiser hd280 is it comes with padding on the headband too.

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