Saturday, August 02, 2014

Bridal Emergency Kit-unique wedding gift.

When I first heard about the Bridal Emergency Kit, I immediately liked the business concept behind it. Having attended hundreds of wedding, I have witnessed on numerous occasions a near chaos in the bride’s section of the crowd for forgetting very important things, sometimes too personal to the bride to openly seek others’ help.

Here I cite a few items that might go missing on the wedding day leading to stress and anger. See if you had also come across such situations.
1.     Double sided tape
2.    Lint brush
3.    Tampon

There may be more to the list that cannot be found in a few minutes due to non-availability of shops near the wedding hall.

The creatively packaged bridal emergency kit that I came to know contains 30 items that a bride needs not only on the wedding day but always!

What a thoughtful wedding gift it can be!

When you visit the website, grab a bridesmaid kit too because one day you may need it for yourself!
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