Sunday, August 31, 2014

Personalized high school class rings.

My sister wanted me to get the best class ring for her son a few years ago when he graduated from his high school. She said I have the eyes to choose the most beautiful even among a junk.

While I acknowledged her compliment with humility, I told her class rings are not given the treatment they deserved because, as soon as the students enter college, their ‘one day pride’ would quickly be buried among other junk. Moreover, jewellery selection was not my forte.

When she persisted, I gave in and went about the arduous job of searching for the gem. I must admit I was buried under a mountain of choices that the Internet presented. I was not prepared to see such a wide range of high school class rings.

After much deliberation, I chose a website that sells affordable class rings whose link is given here. Please take a look and let me know whether my choice of source for inexpensive class rings is right or not.
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