Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The best blogging guide for beginners.

The most asked question from all the aspiring bloggers is ‘how to start a blog’. If only they type that question exactly in Google search bar, they would be busy reading through the search results for the next month. Yes, there are that many number guides and tutorials on how to start a free blog using Google blogger platform, the best for beginner bloggers.

Of course, you do not want to spend the next month to filter the best of the guide from the Google search results-right? Here, I am saving you big time by requesting you to look into this most authentic guide for Google’s blogger platform.

It is titled, “Google Blogger for Dummies”. It is authored by the most respected Susan Gunelius who writes great blogging related articles on

A peep into the content of Google Blogger for Dummies
  • Step by step guide to build and maintain a Blogger blog
  • Learn to make money from your blog
The dummies series guides are excellent for those who are looking for the ultimate guide.

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