Thursday, December 18, 2014

Which franchise business opportunity can sustain for long?

Franchise business opportunity with no franchise fee

Choosing a franchise business opportunity is not very difficult provided you weigh your strengths and investment affordability. In my opinion, a restaurant franchise business will sustain for long.

What is a Restaurant Franchise?

A restaurant franchise refers to a restaurant that isn't independently owned and operated by a manager who is also an owner. In the case of a franchise, the restaurant manager is the person in charge of maintaining the restaurant, overseeing its day-to-day operations, handling the responsibilities associated with running a restaurant, and is the person everyone ultimately answers to or goes to with a problem. But there is someone over the manager - the owner or owners of the corporation that owns not just that restaurant, but several others just like it. Some of the most popular restaurant chains, including Cold Stone Creamery and McDonald's, are part of a franchise.

Why franchise?

The answer is relatively simple: it's beneficial to both parties. For the franchiser -- that is, the corporation who owns the chain of restaurant -- there are the profits to be earned via charging individual restaurant managers fees (also known as royalties or commissions) for being able to lease and utilize the brand name and all the boons that go with it; and, from a practical standpoint, they don't have to dirty their hands with the day-to-day manual and gritty operations associated with restaurant management.
And for the franchisee -- that's the individual restaurant manager -- the benefits are fairly obvious:

* own your own restaurant
* begin running a restaurant that has already been set up for you
* know there is support available if you run into problems

Whether you're thinking about a Cold Stone Creamery franchise, or something involving burgers, know that the food service industry is consistently reliable and stable, and will carry you through for many years.

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