Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Money by blogging-the number one factor to consider.

Please read on if you believe that people are earning money blogging without any hardcore selling. It is alright if you have not seen any money from your blog but please know this one important factor while considering problogging if you have not done so already.

The vital factor to see some real money by blogging:
It is advisable to choose a niche for your blog (the overall one topic) instead of starting a multi niche blog if you want to earn a decent sum from your blog.

Why a single niche?
* You will attract relevant ads when you monetize your blog with contextual and CPA ads.
* The banner advertisers will only select single niche blog because they want only target audience to see their banners for possible click through.
* Sponsored posts will be offered only for niche blogs these days.

Above all, there is no point in starting a free blog to earn money. Problogging through free blog is almost dead.

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