Monday, February 09, 2015

Ways to Handle Your Writing Anxiety.

writers' anxiety
Writing anxiety  or  writers' anxiety grips even experienced writers and bloggers-no exception. That anxiety is not due to the lack of knowledge on the subject of writing but due to various other factors that include:
* Fear of missing the deadline
* Anxious that it should match the writers' established standard
* Worry of criticism that happened in the past

Writing anxiety is also called 'writers' block' are informal terms that are used to denote pessimistic and anxious feeling about writing.

Ways to overcome writers’ anxiety.

·        As I wrote above, the writers’ block does not spare even veterans on any or all the above reasons. Even though the subject of your topic is known to you, you might have run out of ideas to present them anew. In addition, you may not have new statistics to support your views on a particular topic. To overcome this, keep your resources data bank up to date by constantly doing your research on topics of your interest. You may not know when they will become handy.

* To overcome the fear of missing the deadline, skip all your other work. They can wait. Your top priority should be to keep your reputation intact.

* Criticism is always healthy but yes, it hurts us all even if we come up with a work that would ashame us. Moreover, there are bound to be differences of opinion; you cannot satisfy all but your employer alone.

Well, these are my work ethics and practices. 

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