Thursday, February 26, 2015

Want to monetize your blog with Amazon Products?

You may be familiar with monetizing your blog by contextual advertising but to substantiate the income by blogging is to look into affiliate marketing and Amazon is not one of the best but THE BEST affiliate network that bloggers should  implement if not already.

Starting as an Amazon Associate is very easy and it also offers unlimited resources and help so that you really and finally start making money by blogging without any investment of money.

Unlike CPM ad sites, which require you to have an already established blog with a minimum 10K visitors a month for considering your application, Amazon Associates lets you get started before having to prove you have a successful site. Yes, just show them your free blog with at least a dozen posts and you will see the green signal.

Many bloggers make the mistake of not pursuing Amazon Associates because they believe it is all about product reviews, which couldn't be further from the truth. Even without reviewing a product, you can paste a particular product’s image and link the image to your affiliate page provided the product perfectly blends into the content you are writing.

See the example below.

The image is about a guide to make money online as as Amazon Associate and it is embedded with my Amazon Associate link. If you or anyone happens to buy guide from Amazon, I will earn my commission.

If the above image becomes unclickable, please open the link below in your browser.

Of course, selling affiliate products is perfect for product based sites, but successful Amazon Associates know that affiliate links can be used in many other ways.

If you write a blog post about a particular famous person, for example, why not increase your chance of making more money by placing an affiliate link to a biographical book about that person.

Like so many bloggers, I  use Amazon Associates for the wonderful images that can be generated, because affiliates are given the choice to make an image or text link (or both, if so desired).

All someone have to do is click through your link and, once they are on Amazon's site, no matter what they buy, even if they didn't buy the product you displayed, you still receive commission when they end up buying something else that you did not promote!

Got it?

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