Friday, March 27, 2015

Subjects of blog posts that attract high search engine traffic.

I am a firm believer of visitors to my blog that that my master, the mighty Google sends. I really don't believe that social traffic will last long. They are very short lived. You cannot expect a repeat visit.

However, search engine traffic also known as organic traffic will:
* get you 100% targeted visitors
* get you repeat visitors
* get you visitors through RSS feed subscriptions
* increase slowly but steadily.

If you want to tap  that kind of targeted traffic, blog about:
* online money earning
* lists of ... pertaining to entertainment field and travelling
* where people can get something free (it can be anything but should be unconditional free stuff)
* sites that offer discount coupons
* trending stuff that hit the headlines
* comparative shopping especially about vehicle insurance, credit cards

In my experience, these are evergreen blogging niches for high traffic which means good money.

Take it or leave it!
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