Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Compare and buy all your DJ gears at one place.

Why listening to your favorite music sounds so different when you hear it broadcast from a DJ console than listening to the same music from your smart phone?

A DJ uses several dj-gears that include advanced turn tables, high resonance woofers, amplifiers, a music mixer, good laptop with convenient stand, music mixing software, karaoke and a good microphone to deliver the music of listeners’ choice.
  In addition, his presentation of the music renders liveliness. You feel as if you are listening sitting in a DJ’s room.

The other dj-gear that is not related to the music broadcast is the DJ lighting.

Are all these dj-gears available at one place?
Is there a guide to buy the latest DJ equipment?
Can one compare the features and prices of DJ gears of various brands at one web site and then make the purchase?
Are there any latest dj gears that have solved some of the inconveniences that force a DJ to commit mistakes while operating the DJ console?

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