Friday, January 08, 2016

It is a WOMAN’s World!

A stranger called me two days before to inform that he is starting an Online dating blog and requested my time to speak to him on my views about dating through Internet. I must say I laughed out loudly.  You cannot expect a 60 years old man to have opinions about dating! That too befriending a woman through Internet and asking her to go out with, is something that I cannot digest.

The stranger insisted that I write my article as his first blog post and he even was ready to offer money.  Hmmm… that naturally bent my obstinate stand but I told him that I will write my opinion candidly and it should not be edited. I got him by the hook.

Here is my blog post on the pros and cons of Internet dating. 6 points totally. Do you think it conveys the message?

It is due to the simple fact that the ‘getting to know each other’ before face to face interaction is all done through digital communication media. It is easy to project oneself behind this invisible screen like a super star with all the virtues that a woman or man is looking for in the opposite gender.

Let us accept the fact that internet dating initiation is mostly taken by the male. The persuasion tactics though seem to be easier for him because of lack of face to face meeting; it is actually tough to convince his probable dating mate of his virtues, social status and good intentions.

Another biggest disadvantage of cyber dating is the unseen emotions and expressions. Yes, I agree it is possible in a video chat but that won’t happen immediately! A man who is trying to win a date cannot really prove his confidence or enterprising characters till he meets his woman offline.

Though internet dating efforts are taken mostly by men, it is actually a woman’s world. They are all well educated and can quickly spot a con or an insincere proposal. Since men make the first move, it is very important for them to show an interesting (but true) profile of self.

It's important that your profile reveals about your other friends too and all of your general interests instead of your interest only in women.

Are you beginning to realize that offline dating is much easier and would happen quickly? Well, I don’t blame you and most importantly, you are not alone! After all, it is a WOMAN’s World dear!
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