Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New beast of an amplifier for musicians.

There is a trend that is on since a few years. International musicians, guitarists to be exact, spend more money in sleek and high output amplifiers than on guitars? Did you notice this trend?  While it is possible to have not noticed it, it is impossible not to miss the rich richer sound that amplifiers emanate such as bogner shiva 20th anniversary no reverb 90 Watts guitar amplifier.

Looking at its image below, it comes with plenty of control knobs that a guitarist would love to fiddle with before fixing the tone that he is satisfied with. The reverb control is the one that the musicians would be eagerly expecting to lay wound their fingers around.

Bogner Shiva

In some of the music accessories related forum, Bogner Shiva is called as a beast. You too would call it thus.
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