Sunday, February 14, 2016

The best place to start as a problogger.

I personally know several companies that hire bloggers to compose and publish blog posts featuring their clients’ products and or services. I once wrote for as many s 11 companies that kept me glued to my desktop for about 14 hours a day. You can imagine the resulting income for working 14 hours day, maintaining 22 blogs!

If you have a blog with decent traffic and a niche that commands more than 6000 global search volume, you can get hired as a paid blogger.

As my first recommendation to you especially if you are a beginner, I would urge you to visit, a company that has been in existence since 2009 or may be earlier too but I started blogging for their clients since March 2009 and the payment for my first paid blog post for them was $10

I was not even a famous blogger in 2009 (not even now)  but I managed to show a decent traffic for my blog.

If you’ve always wanted to try writing, this is a good company to test waters because Blogsvertise is not very strict in eligibility conditions.

Do you know that as many as ten of my blogs were approved by them by 2011? This should encourage you to apply for a problogger or urge you to start your problogging career.
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