Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Why it is easy to earn money as an Amazon Affiliate ?

Trust me, I have been a blogger since 2005 and I have been an affiliate marketer associating myself with several affiliate programs. I have earned substantial sum as an affiliate marketer and still continuing.  In my 10 years of experience, I would rate as the best source to earn money by blogging through affiliate marketing.

As far as I have read in various blogging related forums, newbie bloggers are in dire need of help in monetizing their blogs with Amazon.

I would say it is very easy to become an Amazon Associate that offers unlimited resources and help to get you started. They made it easy to generate affiliate links and colorful banners for any product that you wish to promote.

In addition, you can easily place widgets and deals of products on your blog’s sidebar and increase the number of clicks thereby dramatically increasing your income earning potential.

When you join Amazon Associates, an important bonus is that you can use your main account to put links to affiliate products not only on your blog, but on other sites that include Facebook.

When you decide to put affiliate links and banners to products on many different sites, Amazon allows you to create unique tracking ID's so that you can accurately keep tabs on the clicks  each site is generating so that you know what is working and what isn't.

When you happen to publish a blog post about a particular famous person, you can increase your chance of making more money by placing an affiliate link to a biographical book about that person.

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