Sunday, May 15, 2016

Refurbishing old blog posts-is it worthwhile?

I have been frequently reading in so many places in the web that one should re-publish an old article after properly dusted and painted. If I only I get the courage to do that, I will have no dearth of my old articles. I took time to count all the blog posts that I have published in as many as 23 blogs since may 2005 and it stands at  whopping 11256!

Surely, I can close my eyes and click on the bank of archive and refurbish whatever pops up. However, they would be so out of place! What I wrote in 2006 would look rubbish in 2016.

For example, I recall writing about hundreds of tools for bloggers and web masters in the past. Almost all of them have closed their shops and vanished in cyber space. Even several blog promotions methods that we in practice have become obsolete.

Ah, yes, I have published more than 900 blog posts on various aspects of spiritual developments (not religion related of course) in my Laws of Universe blog. I am sure they would look green all time.

I will start today evening.

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