Saturday, July 16, 2016

When it comes to shopping discount coupons, who is your first choice?

When it comes to shopping discount coupons, who is your first choice?

If you ask me, without blinking, I would say ,"Zoutons". It also happens to be the largest aggregator of online deals and discount coupons in India. Frequent online shoppers who have loads of money stashed away in their bank would never pay attention to save precious hard earned money by applying discount coupons at the time of checkout but I though an avid online shopper would first look for discount coupons and then only begin to shop.

 What about you?

“Money saved is money earned” may sound like a clichĂ© for modern youngsters who are also blissfully unaware that they were brought by their parents who smartly saved money by shopping prudently.  Making use of loyalty discount coupons enabled one to save precious hard earned money.

 Lured by the increase in sales volume, majority of the big companies have started offering discount coupons to their customers.  Soon they realized that as an individual company, it is possible to reach as many people as possible and decided to use the services of experienced and highly professio9nal Internet marketing companies to create awareness of the deals and discounts in a mass scale. is one such portal that aggregates the discount deals offered by leading shopping portals and publishes the data to us. By doing aggressive Internet marketing, millions of people are made to be aware of money saving opportunities even while spending. is a New Delhi based company that has tied up with most of the big brands’ deals and aptly call themselves as a ‘Deals Discovery” portal.

Initially, only loyalty discount coupons were offered to customers by only clothing and dress materials shops. As the trend caught on, deals and discounts are now offered by even banks and credit card issuing finance companies that include State Bank of India, American Express and Visa card.
Speaking of big brands, I saw discount coupons from:
In addition to individual brands, leading online shopping portals too are making use of

Here are few names that we all know of:

The online shopping is so favorite by all ages of people that even footwear is bought online without ever bothering to find out how the size is going to match without actually trying them on.
Therefore, it is no surprise that we now even order food online. Forget about getting pizzas delivered at our doorstep, now we can even order a full lunch or dinner through Internet. This again paved way for smart online food shops to offer big discount coupons.
Foodpanda Coupons are the most sought after by users. The discount is a fat 20% on a minimum order of Rs.500. That is a real money saver-don’t you agree?
What surprised me most in zouton is the availability of discount offers on mobile phone and satellite TV recharges! If only had I known about it earlier, I would have saved some useful money.

Do you want to know the range of categories for which you can avail deals?

Oh, on a second thought I would  list below a few categories that you might have never thought!

Do you wonder how much money one can save by making use of discounts and deals offered in ?

I did a rough estimate. I would call myself a miserly shopper and even I could save approximately Rs.7000 per annum. Wow! That could cover my vehicle insurance!

I would urge you to make a quick visit to I am sure you may not able to exit the web site in 20 minutes minimum.

Proudly call myself a “Coupon Hunter”.

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