Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Free fiction on Kindle?

I didn't know Robert Ludlum has written so many books. It means I have fallen out of the book God's favorite. How can I afford to lag behind so much?"Gemini Contenders" was his first that I read nearly 25 years ago followed by Parsifal Mosaic. 
I last fount that the following books f Robert Ludlum are yet to be read by me

The Janson Directive
The Hades Factor: A Covert-One Novel
The Cassandra Compact
Ludlum on Ludlum

I suspect there may be more. I guess he must have written more books on Jason Bourne series.

Oh, the list of unread books is becoming big! How did I find out all of this suddenly?

I was introduced to the Web's number one audio books mall by my friend Caren Williams. Till today, I have just listened to only one audio book and that too is a non-fiction. It came as a gift when I bought the 'Kindle' from Amazon.

I am on a big hunt for free ebooks by Robert Ludlum. 
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