Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why students are financially shrewder than credit card issuers?

Do you know that the concept of credit card was in practice since early B.C.?

Yes, familiar citizens were allowed to buy goods and pay later but not in installments.

Oh yeah, speaking about the title,in about 9 months, several lakh students will be leaving their schools and entering various universities in India and the U.S. By the way, I wonder why the U.K. is the least preferred destination for higher studies. Next to the U.S., Australia is the most sought after destination.

Along with myriad preparations for a long stint at the universities, students also have to take care of their pocket expenses and other financial needs that include applying for credit cards.

While student credit cards may be easier to get approved, they should also be made aware of the importance of choosing the right credit card to apply for. They should know that they can compare credit cards online, peruse various benefits offered by different credit card issuers before finally deciding on which credit card to apply for.

Student community is also vulnerable against credit card thefts. Credit card issuers should offer them a better protection against fraud liability. Students also should make note of this aspect while comparing the credit cards.

Be ware credit issuing bankers! Don’t underestimate students. They are financially shrewder than you because their parents are existing credit card holders. Isn’t that enough?
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