Thursday, September 01, 2016

How much would a student clarinet cost?

The young boy, a teenager to be precise, was the star of attraction in local community function. He had gained reputation of being an extraordinary clarinet player.  In addition, when he started unpacking his clarinet kit, the various accessories were deliberately placed slowly and prominently too to display his pride of possessing such a clarinet.

I noticed the following besides that lovely clarineo (that’s how he called his clarinet) case;
Student clarinet-clarineo

·         Mouthpiece cap
·         Spare cane reed
·         Fingering chart (very thoughtful addition from Musicians’ Friend)
·         Cleaning cloth

The boy  played five music clips from the popular movies effortlessly and he never asked for any kind of accompanying music such as tabla.

When he packed his case, I noticed that the clarinet was made of three parts and appeared light weight too.

To be frank, looking at the ease with which the clarinet was played by such a young boy, I felt an irresistible urge to try my hand (rather mouth) on it.

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