Monday, September 05, 2016

Please be aware of CTB Locker Ransiomware.

As I completed installing K7 Ultimate Security Gold that is valid for the next 20 YEARS (yes, it is called a lifetime validity), I noticed a message from K7 that my computer was just protected from a trojan called "CTB Locker Ransomware".

So, what's all about this Ransomware and exactly what is the ransom amount a victim will be asked to pay.? How does it spread.

 CTB Locker Ransomware

When a user clicks on a spam email containing links or attachments, a zip file gets downloaded. The victim then unzips the .zip file and runs the embedded file. This embedded file, which contains the malware, starts to encrypt documents, photos and other important files. After the encryption is complete, a ransom demand message is displayed on their computer urging the victim to pay in Bitcoins.  It comes to roughly $360 as the ransom.
CTB Locker Ransomware.

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