Thursday, October 06, 2016

Onpgae SEO factors that affect your site’s mobile friendliness.

By this time, I am sure 100% of the internet users quit any website if they are not mobile friendly which means if a site is not easily readable in a mobile computing/entertainment device, then it's called 'mobile unfriendly'.

However, there are still thousands of blogs and websites and even forums that are not mobile friendly. To rectify this lacuna, such sites should change their template to a mobile friendly one. Even after doing that, there are quite a few onpgae SEO factors that are said to affect the site's mobile friendliness.

Some of them are:
Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and Image Files
unplayable videos
faulty redirects
mobile friendly '404'
irrelevant cross links
unfriendly viewport
small fonts

When I analysed my friend's blog, the above factors were pointed by the big man Google.

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