Monday, December 12, 2016

35 places to promote every blog post.

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"35 places to promote every blog posts."... This title should catch the attention of every blogger  out there in the blogosphere irrespective of his experience and I certainly am no exception. Once a blogger published his post, he wants it to be read by as many people as possible-right?

There were not so many ways to make it happen when I first published my blog post in the year 2005.  There were not so many social media including twitter. We depended on very few avenues to promote our blog post that included, (ceased to exists now) a very active bloggers community owned by Yahoo!, email marketing, traffic exchanges etc.

The blog promotion scenario is very different now and the options are plenty to us. Every keen blogger is constantly on the look out for new ways to get his blog post read; that's why titles like the one above would certainly attract every one.

The list of 35 places cited in the above blog post contained a few that are new to me.
Snapchat and Growthhacker

While the first one is an App based platform, the later is a website that challenged me about how it can help a blogger to promote his blog post. I found out a few guides on how to use Growth Hacker but I do not have patience to go though a guide.

Nevertheless, I hope you would visit the original blog post and get benefited as a blogger.

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